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Negotiation Theatre

12 May 2017

London, United Kingdom
Negotiation Theatre

Underwriting & claims staff with an interest in engineering, energy & property insurance/reinsurance, wordings specialists and in-house counsel.

Whatever your position you will at some point be engaged in communication that is recognised, whether explicitly or implicitly, as negotiation.

This live negotiation is designed to introduce you to a few key skills and a framework that you can easily use when back at your day job and have been taken from Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR’s) international negotiation courses.

By watching good and bad negotiation styles you will learn:

  • a structure for negotiation
  • an effective way to open a negotiation
  • how to get behind the other side’s position
  • the theory behind making a good first offer.

CEDR is the largest conflict management and resolution consultancy in the world its work exclusively dedicated to improving the way organisations prevent, manage and resolve conflict deadlock.

This event requires membership. Please visit the organiser's website for more information.


May 12, 2017
9:30am - 11:00am UTC+0


The Old Library, Lloyd’s of London
One Lime Street
London EC3M 7HA  United Kingdom
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