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The Lime Street Guide website is the brainchild of Barbara Schurer, a Lloyd’s Member since the late 1980s and a loyal advocate of the Lloyd’s of London market.

In 2009, Barbara published the book, The Lime Street Guide to Lloyd’s, the very first publication to pay homage to the market and the people who comprise it. It is now a collector’s item for everyone who loves Lloyd’s.

Following the success of the book, Barbara received numerous requests for an online version that would allow interested parties to keep up to date with the constant changes in the market.

While the book was an all-embracing market directory [more like an encyclopaedia of Lloyd’s], the website has a different focus, highlighting People moves and Events. Including a market directory on the website is part of our plan.

Having been a Member of Lloyd’s for the past 30 years, Barbara has now decided to share her passion for Lloyd’s and dedicated herself to producing something useful and meaningful for the market. Having been attending numerous conferences over the years, she found there was a great need for having all events in one place.

You will find on the website:

  • A carefully curated selection of People Moves from the market
  • An events section which includes everything from local social gatherings to international conferences
  • Conference highlights and personal reflections
  • Original editorial articles from our editorial team and contributors around the world
  • The charitable side of Lloyd’s, articles, events, and awards highlighting the socially responsible side of the market

…and much more.

We also aim to send a newsletter on a regular basis, to which you can subscribe on our website. It will give you an update on latest news and events. We also want to share the quirky and unusual with you.

All contributions are most welcome.

“There are some very large and sophisticated businesses operating among some much smaller brethren at Lloyd’s, but the Lloyd’s marketplace has remained very much a people’s business.

I have always felt there was a need for a Guide to Lloyd’s, which not only sheds a light on the people contributing to Lloyd’s continued success but also serves as a platform to showcase the unsung heroes and charitable deeds.

It invites the reader to join the community and its activities.”

Barbara Schurer

Founder and Editor, Lime Street Publications

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