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The Lime Street Guide website is the brainchild of Barbara Schurer, a Lloyd’s Member since 1988 and a loyal advocate of the Lloyd’s of London market.

Barbara Schurer, Underwriting Member of Lloyd’s of London

In 2009, Barbara published the book, The Lime Street Guide to Lloyd’s, the very first publication to pay homage to the market and the people who comprise it. It is now a collector’s item for everyone who loves Lloyd’s.

Following the success of the book, Barbara received numerous requests for an online version that would allow interested parties to keep up to date with the constant changes in the market.

While the book was an all-embracing market directory [more like an encyclopaedia of Lloyd’s], the website has a different focus, highlighting insurance Events around the world. Including a market directory on the website is part of our plan.

As a Member of Lloyd’s for over 30 years, Barbara decided to share her passion and dedicated herself to producing something useful for the market. Having attended numerous conferences over the years, she found there was a great need for having all events in one place.


The Lime Street Guide is the market-leading online platform for international insurance events:

  • A carefully curated selection of over 1,800 listings
  • Everything from local social gatherings to international conferences
  • Webinars, Zoom meetings, and other virtual events
  • Training programmes, networking events, and award ceremonies

We also publish a Newsletter, to which you can sign up on our website. Subscribers receive regular email updates with upcoming insurance events to keep them organised and informed.


All contributions are most welcome. Please get in touch to suggest new events and features.

Event organisers can now submit their events directly to the Lime Street Guide. Please visit the Submissions page to add your listing to our website.