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X. International Istanbul Insurance Conference (IIIC Turkey)

4 October - 5 October 2018

Istanbul, Turkey
X. International Istanbul Insurance Conference (IIIC Turkey)

X. International Istanbul Insurance Conference is titled “Catastrophic Risks & Climate Change and How technology impacts the insurance sector”.

Distinguished speakers from Turkish and Global Insurance & Reinsurance markets will exchange ideas and brief the participants on the above captioned subject. On the first day of the conference “Catastrophic Risks & Climate Change” and “How technologhy impacts the insurance sector” will be discussed. On the second day, there will be a workshop in the morning session about the pools in the insurance market.

Climate change is considered among the biggest catastrophic threats for the last few years, but we seem to be underinvesting in protecting ourselves. Recent catastrophic events proved that the insurance can be a big help during such circumstances. With a well-managed reinsurance strategy which very much relies on the cat risk models, insurance companies can mitigate the unexpected risk factors.

While the blockchain technology is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies, it is only tip of the iceberg in terms of potential. This potential is quickly realized by the market leaders and we’ve started seeing initiatives such as B3i. Explosive growth rate of IoT devices will also enable us to accumulate a tremendous amount of data about one’s activities and the environment.

The organizers of the tenth International Istanbul Insurance Conference are bringing together Treasury, public and professional bodies, Insurers, Reinsurers, Brokers, NGO’s and press to aim the awareness of the participants. The conference is sponsored by the Insurance Association of Turkey, Milli Re, IUC, Chedid RE, Willis Re, Lockton and Turkish Insurer Magazine. No registration fee is required.


October 4, 2018
October 5, 2018


Milli Re Conference Hall
Macka Cad. No. 35 34367 Sisli
Istanbul Turkey
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