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Webinar: How to use maritime intelligence to shape the post-pandemic future

30 June 2020


The shipping industry has for years been touting the transformational potential that digitalisation and maritime intelligence hold. Despite the genuine efforts made by some, much of the business has taken it to be a talking point and a future prospect rather than something tangible that can be used right now.

Abrupt shocks, like the Covid-19 pandemic, and long-term obligations, like decarbonisation and sustainable trade, however, have highlighted just how much maritime intelligence can matter and how much it is needed. Maritime intelligence is no longer a luxury for those select few who want to plan for the future.

• Testing times as these may be, the world will emerge from them and a new reality will settle in.
• The industry has the opportunity to learn, assess what it needs and shape this new normal in its own terms.
• While the search for zero emissions fuels and technologies will define the future, the use of maritime intelligence plays a fundamental role in the progress shipping can make now and over the next few years.
• Efficiencies from practices including voyage optimisation, weather pattern study and port connectivity can be harnessed right now and will arguably offer the greatest emissions reductions until those more radical options can be found.

But just how much or little has changed? Is this moment really a turning point? And who is actually benefiting from the use of maritime intelligence today? What are some of the obstacles and limitations that still exist?

Join Anastassios Adamopoulos, Lloyd’s List’s news reporter, for this ObitMI sponsored webinar, where you, along with a panel of experts, try to answer these questions and discuss what is in store for an industry that has to fundamentally change.


30 June 2020
4:00pm - 5:00pm


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