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Social Inflation, Punitive Damages, and US Litigation Trends: Where are claims and verdicts headed?

8 June 2020


Edward Casmere, Jennifer Steeve, Meghan McMeel and Jeffrey Morof of Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP will discuss current trends in US litigation and social inflation. The LMA discussion will dive into the driving forces behind the increase in insurance losses and higher jury awards, as well as provide a peek through the looking glass at the new concepts of tort and negligence law that will drive the litigation of the future.

The presenters will discuss:

• ‘reptile theory’ used by to drive verdicts higher
• potential future product liability, environmental and mass tort claims
• how to identify them before they arrive at your doorstep
• litigation financing
• punitive damages
• proactive strategies companies can employ to reduce, eliminate, and prevent litigation risk.

This talk will help brokers, underwriters and other claims professionals gain valuable insight into how best to calculate, assess, and manage the risks inherent in the market related to US litigation and how to more successfully minimise, manage, prevent and resolve litigation in the US.


8 June 2020
4:00pm - 4:45pm


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