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Motor Insurance and Claims Course

23 November - 24 November 2020

Motor Insurance and Claims Course

This Motor Insurance and Claims course by the Trade Essential (TE) is designed for industry professional related to motor Insurance/ vehicle insurance, automotive insurance providers, automotive insurance associations.

The course trainer:

The Trainer is a seasoned, senior management insurance professional coupled with 15 plus years’ experience within claims of motor & non-motor, customer service, underwriting, operations and training primarily in the MENA region and in Canada. His extensive experience has seen him perform roles in unique capacities and challenging environments, where he has excelled and accumulated credentials such as acquiring and retaining ISO 9001 – 2008 certification in the areas of claims for his company. He has also won the prestigious Dubai Quality Appreciation Award for his company and has been very instrumental in process automation / online customer centred solutions.


Session: Introduction to Insurance
  • What is Motor Insurance
  • What does Motor Insurance cover
  • Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy in the UAE
Session: An Explanation of the Law Relating to Motor Insurance


  • Insurance Rules, Regulations & Law in the UAE
  • Role of the UAE Insurance Authority
  • Emirates Insurance Association
Session: Legal Requirements of Compulsory Motor Insurance Legislation & Purpose of each of the Sections of a Motor Policy


  • UAE Traffic Law & Compulsory Motor Insurance Coverage
  • Section One of the Unified Motor Policy
  • Section Two of the Unified Motor Policy
Session: How Cars are Grouped?


  • Private vehicles and Commercial vehicles
  • Regular vehicles
Session: Overview of Different Types of Vehicle Insurance Policies


  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance
  • Motor Third Party Liability
  • Individual & Fleet Policies
Session: How Cover, Exclusions and Other Terms are set out in a Typical Policy Document


  • Common Coverages.
  • Optional Covers / Benefits.
  • Common Exclusions.
Session: Content of Certificates and Renewal Invitations


  • vehicle renewal / new registration at the traffic dept. (individual & fleet)
  • Various Types of Endorsements
  • Renewal Notices
Session: List the Factors an Underwriter Uses to Assess Motor Risks – Risk Perception and Evaluation


  • Customer’s profile i.e. age / driving experience / vehicle usage etc.
  • Nature of business / types of vehicles / usage etc. for corporate clients.
  • Loss Experience / Claims History for both individual and corporate clients.
Session: General Overview- Claims leakage, Reserving Fraud Indicators


  • Claims Leakage – various types & controls
  • Investigation, Fraud Indicators
  • Claims Reserving – Significance of setting new reserves and timely updating

Click here for Day 2 agenda of this two-day course.


November 23, 2020
November 24, 2020


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