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London ILS Conference 2021

22 September 2021

London, United Kingdom
London ILS Conference 2021


The London ILS 2021 conference will make a physical return on 22 September, uniting key industry players to meet in person to discuss how the alternative reinsurance market will continue to take shape in the year ahead, as we emerge from the past eighteen challenging months.

Combining practical insight from industry experts and market practitioners, the comprehensive one-day interactive agenda will bring clarity on a range of topics impacting the complex post-Covid rebound year of 2021 – one which has brought mixed gains for the ILS market.

London ILS Conference 2021

Sessions will touch upon how buoyant investor demands for cat bonds have led to rates compressing on the most liquid side of the market, but how overall capacity has been more subdued; insight into how new rated platforms are expected to drive continued evolution in the look of the ILS market and how climate change model releases set a baseline for the transitions to a longer-term view of risk.

Making the most of our EC3 location, we will also consider how the institutional Lloyd’s market is refreshing its points of interaction with ILS investors.

Key themes

  • Building on London Bridge – Lloyd’s ILS development
  • European business interruption and ILS – lessons learned
  • ILS rated paper evolution
  • ESG benchmarking and adaption

We very much look forward to welcoming you to London ILS 2021, enabling you to gain insight into the key trends in the ILS market as conference season opens, heralding the start of the run-up to January 2022 renewals as well as providing you with the opportunity to further your understanding of this fast-changing market, with your peers.


22 September 2021


Insurance Insider


Cavendish Venues
1 America Square, 17 Crosswall
London EC3N 2LB  United Kingdom
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