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Economic abuse and insurance

21 November 2019

London, United Kingdom


21 November 2019
1:15pm - 2:00pm


Insurance Institute of London
21 Lombard Street
LondonEC3V 9AH United Kingdom
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In this joint Insurance Institute of London (IIL) and Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) lecture Dr Nicola Sharp Jeffs will talk about what economic abuse is, the charity’s research findings in relation to insurance and economic abuse, and how insurers might look to improve outcomes for victim-survivors of economic abuse.

Research conducted by the charity into survivors’ experiences and financial ombudsman decisions revealed challenges for victims and survivors including:

• Exclusion from taking out insurance
• Being unable to make claims
• Inappropriate disclosure of information or inappropriate treatment by insurers
• Difficulties accessing information about insurance policies
• Policies taken out, cancelled or changed without a victim’s knowledge or consent
• Victims can be restricted from gaining access to funds paid by insurers, for example, when a claim is to be paid but the abuser forces the victim to sign a note confirming the money is to be paid into the abuser’s account, rather than a joint account

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