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Claims Management 2020 – Managing the claims experience

2 December 2020

London, United Kingdom

As the commercial and corporate insurance market continues to harden in Europe and worldwide much attention is being paid to the price and availability of coverage.

Risk and insurance managers are rightly concerned about their ability to complete their programmes and find the right coverage in this increasingly tough marketplace.

But, while the risk manager may be struggling to control costs and prove to their CFO that the extra budget required is justified, arguably the most important role they perform is to ensure that the coverage they secure for their company actually responds when called upon in the manner intended.

The risk manager may receive short-term credit for managing to control costs in this toughening market from colleagues and bosses, but, if the coverage secured does not respond when called upon and major claims are not paid then that popularity will be very short-lived.

Moreover, given the increasingly complex nature of the corporate risk landscape as the economy shifts from tangible to intangible, local to global and both the legal, regulatory and fiscal environment evolves, it has become more important than ever for the risk manager to work closely with their insurer, broker and other key advisers such as claims specialists to ensure that they have the best possible coverage in place that will respond when called upon.

For this reason Commercial Risk are hosting their first Claims Management Conference to help risk and insurance managers to fully prepare for building out their coverage, while forming an important meeting place for corporates, insurers, brokers and the specialist service sectors to connect.


2 December 2020


ETC Venues Fenchurch
8 Fenchurch Place
London EC3M 4PB  United Kingdom
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