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Middle East Insurance Industry Awards

22 November 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Middle East Insurance Industry Awards

We are all going through the worst of times, they say. They are unpredictable and unprecedented. There is fear, anxiety and panic all around. We need a huge bout of positive thinking to tide us through these challenging times.

So we, at Middle East Insurance Review, are banking on the Awards to bring some hope and optimism to the market. We believe that even in the worst of times, excellence will shine the light for everyone to follow. Hence, we proudly launch the 7th Middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MIIA) this month to recognise and salute excellence.

Just look around you; there are many commendable role models valiantly fighting the odds to bring the music of insurance to the man in the street, more so now during this pandemic, when the need for insurance is highlighted.

We are encouraged by the support of the leaders in the market who have readily agreed to serve on the panel of judges for the Awards despite the great demand of their time and commitment. The Awards come with clearly defined criteria for each category, and a highly transparent judging process. The results are independently audited. As a result, they have become the hallmark of the industry’s excellence and the trophies are highly coveted.

In the Middle East and North Africa region, the industry is working very hard to boost professionalism in the market. Hence, I am sure this year we will see a greater rush of entries, including for the latest category we have added to invest in the young, with a Young Leader of the Year Award.

I encourage you to be bold enough to stand up to be counted. Take the first step to enter the Awards by sending in your nominations. We have fine-tuned the process to make it more seamless, and for everything to be done just online.

The self-nomination is testimony of your faith in yourself and your awareness that you are doing better than the market average. Third-party nominations mean someone else has also noticed your actions in this busy world. So either nominations are treated equally seriously.

I take this opportunity to salute the leaders and experts in the region and around the world who have agreed to serve on the panel of judges, for on their weight the prestige and integrity of the Awards rest.

During this time of uncertainty, the judging session for the shortlisted candidates can be done remotely, if necessary. But otherwise, it is all systems go.

I look forward to saluting the new batch of winners on 22 November in Dubai. We will go digital should the pandemic not be tamed by then. In insurance, being prepared is the norm.

So send in your entries now. In these dark times, we need stars to shine!

Sivam Subramaniam
Editor-in-chief, Middle East Insurance Review


22 November 2020


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