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Lloyd’s Lab Spotlight Series (Cohort 5): Dialogue

6 October 2020

Lloyd's Lab Spotlight Series (Cohort 5): Dialogue

Join the Lloyd’s Lab for a series of short, insightful sessions with a selection of teams from their fifth cohort. Each session will run for 45 minutes, including Q&A. These will not be sales pitches, but will instead allow the teams to present some of their thought leadership and ideas.

Exploring parallels between the evolution of insurance distribution and historical evolutions in other industries. Dialogue will provide inspiration from other industries that have evolved their distribution, in order to grow the industry as a whole. Examples include:

Roads: accelerating a Roman Empire (and then the fall of it!)
Oil: from barrels to tankers
Containers: shift to the standardisation
Antibiotics: from complexity to global use
Information: cost per mb storage from the 1960s to today

Each topic will detail the interesting parallels with what we are seeing now in insurance, the same doubts, promise, complex dance between buyers and sellers, producers and consumers. Dialogue want to leave attendees with a sense of optimism for change, specifically focussed on the complex commercial risk classes. They will educate and challenge the audience on different ways of looking at complex commercial risk transfer, stripping it back to its basics and rebuilding it with an eye for history.


6 October 2020
2:00pm - 2:45pm BST


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