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18th Asia CEO Insurance Summit

27 February - 28 February 2018

18th Asia CEO Insurance Summit

In such difficult times, the search for growth gets more pressing and dynamic. And everyone is turning to Asia as the next growth engine for the world even for insurance in Asia which is still highly unpenetrated with great potential.

Growth comes in multi-coloured forms be it just organic or through M&As or through cost cutting or just going on a wild buying sprees. There are several hidden pockets of growth for insurance be it in new emerging markets or within sectors within established markets or just going digital or expanding the distributing networks or just coming out with fresh new products to serve the changing needs of the tech-savvy or cash rich or cash-strapped customers or corporates where the risk landscape is a-changing. Insurance is a booming business. But are you ready to be part of the boom?

The Summit will challenge CEOs to do a 360 degree review of their business to identify real strategic growth potential for their business and to put in place the right leadership and effective mechanisms in place to reach these POTS of GOLD. It is beyond just being digital or smart or being on board the IoT Train.

The Summit will get insurance CEOs and regulators on track to optimise on the shifting Asian centre of gravity in the click and bricks world to grow the meaty core of the business to be sustainable no matter how tough the business climate gets. The Summit is aimed at offering strategic tips to CEOs to grow the business, increase revenue and be relevant to customers and be a game changer in the market.

For 2018, aside from global CEOs and experts to share their thought leadership with you, we will have three interactive growth Panels to set your mind abuzz with opportunities; a special debate on Distribution being the growth driver; and have a CEO on a hot seat as well to stretch the limits.

This is a Summit you cannot miss.


February 27, 2018
February 28, 2018


Asia Insurance Review


Sofitel Singapore City Centre
Sofitel Singapore City Centre, 9 Wallich Street 078885  Singapore View on Google Map