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13th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference

18 February - 20 February 2020

Muscat, Oman

Under the Patronage of the Capital Market Authority of the Sultanate of Oman, Middle East Insurance Review is very honoured to return for the 3rd time to organise the Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference in Muscat, following two consecutive successful series held at the Sultanate, to continue discussion on the developments of the compulsory health insurance system in the country and the rapid technological changes witnessed in the world by digital discoveries and AI that is revolutionising healthcare, health outcomes, and human experiences!

Healthcare enterprises are increasingly integrating their core business functionalities with partners and their innovative platforms – unlocking the next waves of future growth. As they do, companies are beginning to create and design a future built around and within an ecosystem that will transform their organisations, services, and the market itself.

Can Oman evolve into one of the leading digital health innovative markets in the Middle East? What are the critical dynamics and the drivers of a successful healthcare system?

Companies in the ehealth, biotech, medtech, wellness, food & safety industries and financial services have also come to the fore and into the network to tap on the high-tech offerings. What are the specific roles of the government and the insurance industry to ensure greater efficiency and superior quality service experience in the way forward?

The conference will bring together all healthcare stakeholders including top leaders from the healthcare industry, health authorities, providers from both the government and private sectors, public policy makers, tech companies, banks, the C-suites and more!

The three-day conference will continue to look at the developments of compulsory health insurance in Oman and across the region; the top health trends to watch, great models of care from all around the world, telemedicine apps, diagnostic AIs, developing new predictive analytics for preventive medicine, wearable gadgets that let individuals manage their own health, including a showcase of the latest healthtech and insurtech solutions for health transformation and to thrive!

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February 18, 2020
February 20, 2020


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